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About us

Helping you to have fresh and healthy skin, in the most natural way possible.

This makes you feel better about yourself. Literally and figuratively.

That is our mission, it makes us happy :-)


We use a simple 3-step plan for this:

-1- Intake - free and without obligation

-2- Facial treatment - for a good 'jump start'

-3- Products for us at home - to maintain the results at home for as long as possible (optional)

Get results as quickly as possible!


Red Carpet Queen was a beauty salon in Amsterdam, between the Jordaan and Central Station.

Between 2007 and 2023 we were located at Haarlemmerstraat 140, opposite Marqt, where we made thousands of people happy with our facial treatments!

The ESSE facial treatments are now performed at flexible locations.
Our ex-colleague and superstar Sascha performs the treatments.

We specialize in skin improvement and love a no-nonsense approach.

We use hi-tech methods and natural cosmetics to slow down skin aging as much as possible. This allows you to achieve a very nice result in as little time as possible, without downtime.
Combined with the most beautiful killer brows in the city you make the perfect first impression!

We focus on a healthy skin microbiome in our treatments.


If you would like a real RCQ ESSE Facial, please contact Sascha at [email protected] and include your telephone number. She will then contact you to schedule an appointment and location.