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The LIGHTqueen

20 minutes with 0 add-on(s) (brow shape, brow tint and / or lash tint) - €59
The LIGHTqueen is a skin-improving treatment with (LED) light therapy. During this treatment we place a screen with LED lights over your face for 20 minutes. The light with a specific wavelength activates various functions in your skin, which results in skin improvement, such as stimulating your fibroblasts, which slows down skin aging, stimulating your blood circulation, giving you an instant glow and reducing acne-causing bacteria, so you have less acne. and have inflammation.

The treatment is very relaxing, completely painless and takes 20 minutes. Beforehand, a short intake takes place to check contraindications and to explain everything. The most beautiful and lasting results are achieved in a cure. We offer a cure of 5 + 1 free (2 treatments during 3 weeks).

When do you book The LIGHTqueen?
  • signs of skin aging
  • acne and inflammation
  • dull, sallow skin