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The NEEDLEqueen

50 minutes - € 149 (3 for € 395)

This is the more serious work. We have been a big fan of fractional microneedling technology for years. This skin-improving treatment makes very small invisible holes in the skin with a dermapen . These holes are closed because your skin produces various types of collagen. This makes the texture of your skin smoother, reduces wrinkles, fades scars, your skin feels firmer and more even. In short, almost everyone benefits from this treatment. The best results are achieved with a course of 3. The treatments are performed with an interval of 4 weeks. Save € 48! Take into account (possibly) a slight peeling and that you cannot go unprotected in the sun for a while.

When to book this treatment?

  • fine lines and wrinkles (crow's feet)
  • lines around the lips (barcode)
  • (acne) scars
  • enlarged pores
  • loss of firmness