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Glowbuster® by OxyGeneo

The Glowbuster® Face Treatment MOST POPULAR
20 min. €59

Exfoliate - oxygenate - infuse. This is the only real oxygen treatment and a true innovation in skin improvement with OxyGeneo. We don't spray oxygen over your skin in the hope that it might actually do something (It doesn't really...) but the patented technology forces your blood to release oxygen in your skin. It's also a light microdermabrasion and infusion of active ingredients. And all of this in just 20 minutes... Book this treatment if your skin is looking dull, tired or lackluster for an instant boost and beautiful glow.
In a course of treatments it can improve your skin texture and color. A course of 6 treatments costs €319 with an interval of 1 treatment per week. Let's get glowing!

UPGRADE to Facial is possible.

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