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Fractional Microneedling

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Fractional Micro Needling for face and neck
60 minutes €169

This technique is also called collagen induction therapy as we induce the formation of new collagen by adding trauma to the skin. During the treatment your skin is stamped by the pen to create microscopically small holes. Your skin will improve in quality as it produces new collagen to close the holes. This treatment is ideal to treat wrinkles and fine lines, improve (acne) scars and pores, and to tighten skin. 
cleanse - peel - fractional micro needling - calming mask

Series of 3 treatments

Best results will be achieved with a serie of treatments. The treatments are performed every 4 weeks. Save €58! 

What is the difference with a dermal roller?

With Fractional Micro Needling we don't roll over the skin with needles but we perforate the skin by stamping it. The disposable stamp that we use contains 11 ultra fine needles and moves up and down on your skin while the needles perforate the skin vertically and not at an angle. This means that there is less trauma to the skin than with traditional rolling. Another great advantage of the machine is that we can adjust the depth of the penetration of the needles. By being able to do so we can really target very sensitive areas like around the eyes, mouth, nose and the back of hands. 

What can you expect after the treatment? 

After the treatment your skin will be slightly red and feel warm and tight. A little bit like a light sunburn. There is no real downtime after the treatment and you can resume normal activities immediately after the treatment. You can also were make-up after a few hours if needed. Over the next few days skin could peel a little as the new forming cells are pushing the old ones off. Out with old and in with the new!