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The Retinol Peel


30 minutes - €69

We looooove retinol! And so does Dr Dennis Gross..., known for his 3-step professional retinol peel!

First we start with a light version of the famous Alpha Beta peel to get rid of dead skin cells and make way for the retinol. Step 2: application of a high dose of retinol, followed by step 3: a hyaluronic based gel that helps the retinol get to the deeper skin layers.

Retinol is a proven ingredient that accelerates cell production, which causes fine lines and wrinkles to fade out, diminishes pores, and handles hyper pigmentation.

This treatment is also a must if you suffer from skin redness, or certain forms of hormonal acne. In short, a solid all-rounder that should be part of everyone’s beauty regime!

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