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The BRIGHTqueen

50 minutes with 0 add-on(s) (brow shape, brow tint and / or lash tint) - € 89

Smooth skin is a great asset. It makes you look younger and fresher. This treatment is therefore focused on reducing various forms of hyperpigmentation, such as sun damage, pregnancy mask, age spots, or spots that you have left over after a pimple or other skin damage.

The BRIGHTqueen is a facial in which we use products that help even out your complexion (skin colour). With active ingredients that inhibit pigment production or help to break down too much pigment (spots). It is a good idea to support this process in the summer with a treatment. The active ingredients from the special BRIGHT ampoule are channeled deep into the skin by ultrasonic sound waves for maximum absorption and results.

Pigment disturbances are one of the trickiest things to tackle in skincare. This treatment is therefore supportive and helps prevent more. It is important to have realistic expectations to avoid disappointment.

When to book this facial?

  • sun damage
  • age spots
  • post inflammatory pigmentation
  • pregnancy mask, melasma, chloasma

First time with us for a facial? Then book an intake with the desired treatment. This way we can properly map out the needs of your skin and your wishes.

60 minutes with 1 add-on(s) (brow shape, brow tint and / or lash tint) - € 99
70 minutes with 2 add-on(s) (brow shape, brow tint and / or lash tint) - €109
80 minutes with 3 add-on(s) (brow shape, brow tint and / or lash tint) - €119

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