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Body Sugaring

What is body sugaring?

Body sugaring is a safe, gentle and modern technique to safely remove hair from all areas on the body with an all natural sugar paste. This system works perfect for all hair types, all skin types and for women and men. Body sugaring only has benefits.
What are the benefits compared to traditional waxing?
Body sugaring is more gentle on the skin making it less painful for most people. The sugar paste only sticks to the hairs and not to the skin. It makes your skin soft and does not damage it in any way. It also prevents any allergic reactions that might occur when using traditional wax. Waxing is hair removal and sugaring is hair reduction. We apply the paste against the growth of the hair and pull it off with the growth of the hair. This prevents hairs from breaking which could lead to infected hair follicles and stubble. It is also possible to remove shorter hairs with body sugaring. The all natural formula is composed out of only water, sugar and lemon juice. Dead skin cells stick to the paste so you do not only remove hairs but also dead skin cells that will leave your skin soft. 


Bikini €24
G-string €36
Brazilian €49
Under arms €22
Half legs €45
Full legs €80
Half arms €30
Full arms €45
Tummy €22
Buttox €22
Lip €22
Chin €19,50
Lip + chin €25
Cheeks €25
Face €34,50
Chest €36
Chest + buttox €50
Back €42
Back + shoulders €50