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In a world where many brands are screaming for attention, the makeup brand Delilah distinguishes itself by whispering. The British brand was born from a friendship between makeup artist Rupert Kingston, beauty buyer Hannah Nickelson and photographer Juliet White, a passion for makeup and the will to help women of all ages look and feel more beautiful.  Delilah means seductive, but is also the name of a soft pink rose variety, a genuine British beauty icon. The combination of pewter and crown gold, a rosy gold type introduced by Henry VIII, run like a thread through the entire collection and evoke a modern, but quintessentially English association of luxury and beauty.

Delilah  Slim Line 1 + 1
Slim Line 1 + 1
€60,00 €30,00
Delilah  Time frame
Time frame
€43,00 €30,10