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Alka Minerals

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The well-known minerals from Alka but in capsules.
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Alka® Minerals is a basic nutritional supplement in Vega capsule form with a selection of basic organic grasses and all important basic minerals, including the immune enhancers zinc and copper. The complex contains 100% active nutrients and no fillers or binders.

Our body needs minerals. As a buffer against acidification and as indispensable nutrients for many processes in the body. Alka® Minerals improves the basic balance, cleanses the body and supports the normal functioning of the immune system and many bodily functions.

An acidified body can drastically disrupt the metabolism. Our modern lifestyle is to blame for this. Irregular eating, alcohol, smoking, stress, medication and too little sleep are detrimental to a healthy acid-base balance. With acidification, the body robs minerals from bones, teeth, nails and the skin. This decreases important mineral stocks. A shortage of minerals can lead to all kinds of complaints.